Bring the magic of homeopathy home!


Do you feel helpless when a loved one is sick?

You want to ease their suffering but don't know how. Imagine the confidence of having the tools to help quickly and effectively.

Take care of your loved ones - DRUG FREE!

Have you ever experienced the magic of homeopathy? Perhaps you've seen how quickly and miraculously it's helped you or others, and now you want to learn how it works and how to use this non-toxic, non-invasive medicine at home.

Basic homeopathy is a tool available to everyone, and through this program you will build a solid foundation that will set you on the right track. Homeopathy is an indispensable skill.

Since I became a professional homeopath 16 years ago, I have been able to keep my family completely drug free and healthy. In this course I want to give you a rich and deep foundation to do the same.

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Take a deep dive

Many home prescriber courses provide you with a few top remedies indicated for a specific condition. This course will take you on a much deeper journey.

You will:

  • Build a strong foundation in homeopathic theory, philosophy and history
  • learn to use Homeopathic Repertory and Materia Medica, a homeopath's most important tools
  • Dive deeply into the wisdom of 30 homeopathic remedies
  • Learn the top remedies for over 20 different health conditions
  • Get a foundation in using the twelve tissue salts
  • Get an introduction to animal care with homeopathy
  • Learn about the versatility of homeopathy and be able to apply one remedy to many conditions
  • Gain access to our exclusive community for continued support on your journey
  • Earn a certificate
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The finer details

  • The course is 10 months long, starting in July 2021.
  • Every other Sunday from 10am to 12:15pm EST. All classes will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience.
  • 2 live classes every month, one with Ananda and one with a different guest speaker.
  • Access to a private community for closed discussion with Ananda’s team, guests, and other course participants.
  • This may be the only time this course is taught live. The course is limited to 30 participants.
  • Handouts and course materials included, does not include books and remedies.
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Confirmed guest teachers

Richard Pitt

Richard Pitt


Richard originally trained as a homeopath in the UK in the 1980s but spent 20 years living and working in the USA. He was Director of the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy for 12 years and active in the homeopathic community, serving on the board of the Council for Homeopathic Certification for 17 years and also on the Council on Homeopathic Education and the California Homeopathic Medical Society. He was the editor of the California Homeopath Journal for 10 years.

He has spent over 8 years living in 4 different African countries, including working for 5 years as Educational Director of the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine. He was a Project Director of a five year European Union Public Health grant during this time.

He is the author of 4 homeopathic books, including The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel and Home and Comparative Materia Medica: Integrated New and Old Remedies. He currently lives in Southern Spain.

Camilla Sherr

Camilla Sherr


Camilla Sherr is the co-founder of Homeopathy for Health in Africa along with her husband Jeremy Sherr. They have been treating people with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania since 2009.

She has been practicing homeopathy since 1994. She teaches at the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathic Studies. She has worked and taught homeopathy in he UK, Israel, Honduras, USA, Malta, Norway, Denmark and Bulgaria.

Camilla featured in the film Magic Pills, which spotlighted the work of Homeopathy for Health in Africa.

Camilla has participated in many of the Dynamis provings of new homeopathic remedies. She has published numerous articles in European and American journals and is the editor of Dynamic Provings: Volume 2. She was recently honoured with a Fellowship from the Society of Homeopaths in the UK.

Dr. David Nortman, ND

Dr. David Nortman, ND


David Nortman is a naturopathic doctor who uses homeopathy to address chronic and acute conditions, working with clients around the world. He has an active interest in the intersection of homeopathy with philosophy, which he has explored in video interviews with leading homeopaths.

Em Colley

Em Colley


Feedspot recently ranked Em one of the top five homeopathy bloggers in the UK for 2021. She has been a driving force in growing the presence of homeopathy on social media and promoting homeopathy globally. Em teaches at the School of Homeopathy and the Northwest College of Homeopathy.

I realized that I wanted to work with people whilst standing next to a vet, his arm shoulder deep inside a horse. It was when I looked at the owner of the horse and realized I was more intrigued by how he was behaving, curious about what he was thinking, than what was going on with the horse. And so, my 10-year ambition of becoming a vet drew to a close.

The next step was the University of Manchester where a Joint Honours Degree course on Psychology and Neuroscience lit a fire in my belly. Graduating in 2000, I returned to Manchester in 2003 to study homeopathy at the North West College of Homeopathy.

Fast forward 18 years to the present day, I combine a love of people with my love of learning. After graduating in 2007 from the NWCH, I went on to undertake further study, including with Jeremy Sherr and most recently with Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi. I combine working with clients, supervising students, teaching at homeopathy colleges and have recently trained to become a leader of Laughter Yoga.
Dr. Dee Blanco

Dr. Dee Blanco

I received conventional (also called allopathy) veterinary training from Colorado State University (1981), way before there were personal computers, when social media was a face-to-face thing.

Okay, so now it’s clear I’m not a spring chicken, but, with almost 40 years of experience in animal medicine, I can offer a wealth of information to help you keep or attain health for your pets – the natural way.

My own journey started with an illness in the late 80’s, which steroids couldn’t touch. In desperation for some relief I stumbled onto Homeopathy, and my healing truly began. This is where grace stepped in. My life after Homeopathy couldn’t be more different from my life and medical practice before.
Dr. Christopher Sowton ND

Dr. Christopher Sowton ND


Dr. Christopher Sowton ND is a naturopath, homeopath, and a professional dreamworker based in Southern Ontario, Canada. He does online dreamworking sessions with clients all around the world, helping them gain deeper insight into their dreams.

Since 2003 Christopher has been training health care practitioners of all kinds to integrate dreamwork into their practices. He is a member of the IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams). He teaches dreamworking skills through a course of online training modules, and has published 2 books—Dreamworking–How to Listen to the Inner Guidance of Your Dreams (2017); and The Dreamworking Manual–A Guide to Using Dreams in Health Care (2013).

Christopher Sowton is known for his published homeopathic provings of MSG, Balsam fir, Tela aranea.


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